The Team

Los Arboles Group

The Team

Los Arboles Group

Co-Presidents Greg Schnurr and Tobias Preston

Los Arboles Group is a property development group focused on real estate investing and development in the Yucatan Peninsula. Tobias is the founding member of Alaska Financial Company III, LLC.  Since entering the industry in 1989, his companies have provided stable, secure real estate income for investors with zero fees. Greg has over 40 years of experience in commercial construction and real estate development. With over twenty-five million dollars worth of real estate transactions in Mexico, ranging from large development tracts on the beach, to hundreds of residential lots, Greg is an expert in all facets of development in the State of Quintana Roo. Together, Tobias and Greg have assembled a team of experts dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of administration necessary to thrive in the nuanced property development in Mexico.

The Auska Group

The Auska Group has remained Los Arboles Group’s preferred construction company since their successful partnership in the company’s first sold-out sustainable subdivision, Los Arboles Tulum. Upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship and contemporary design, Auska Group professionals dedicate themselves to constructing integrated luxury homes that live up to the expectations of modern western infrastructure. Unwilling to compromise on quality, Auska homebuilders pride themselves on drawing inspiration from spectacular natural settings in order to create a community of aesthetic harmony, while reinforcing enduring functionality and economic viability.

Los Arboles Mortgages

Los Arboles Mortgages offers financing backed by private investment funds. There are several options for qualified borrowers wishing to build or purchase homes in Los Arboles Coba making Los Arboles Coba home-ownership easy. From short-term construction loans through long-term loans, Los Arboles Mortgage can find the option best suited for your needs. Please fill out the inquiry form on this website.

The Schnurr Group

The Schnurr Group has been involved in real estate investing and development in the Yucatan Peninsula for over a decade. As foreigners to Mexico, the family-based team had to navigate the “ins-and-outs” of all aspects of living, working, and succeeding in Mexico on their own. Now, with two successful residential projects under their belt, and countless other real estate investments & deals they have been involved with, the LAG team has proven they have the experience, knowledge, and skills it takes to execute in Mexico.

Their current focus is mainly in Tulum, in the state of Quintana Roo. Having on-the-ground knowledge of how this particular area of Mexico grows, they recognize Tulum is the next high growth market, perfectly situated to capitalize on the success of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. The LAG team had the foresight to lay the groundwork years ago to build a network of relationships with labor, contractors, government, brokers, etc. to enable their positioning for success in this area.

Our Consultants

Inter Lex Mexico

Chief Executive Officer and Closing Attorney Lic. Ernesto Arrañaga Patrón

Ernesto Arrañaga Patrón was born and raised in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. He is an Alumni from University Anahuac del Sureste Law Degree program (1996-2001) where he graduated with honors. In 2003, he traveled to Spain and obtained a Masters Degree in International Tax Law at the University of Salamanca. After returning to Mexico in 2004, he joined the well known firm Ernst & Young in Cancun as their Legal Manager (2004-2007).

Ernesto left his position to found Inter Lex Mexico, a foreign investment and corporate law firm specializing in real estate transactions and closings. His reputation as a successful and reliable attorney has gained him the trust of many of the area’s largest real estate projects and real estate companies. He is licensed to provide legal assistance to clients both in Yucatan and Quintana Roo states.
Ernesto is now recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and well-respected real estate lawyers in the peninsula. He applies the same high degree of skill and professionalism for each of each and every one of his clients, whether they are first time investors, retired persons, or even a large development group.

Cacheaux, Cavazos & Newton

Partner Robert M. Barnett

Robert M. Barnett is a partner of the firm of Cacheaux Cavazos & Newton since 1994. Mr. Barnett’s practice focuses on serving business clients in the U.S. and Mexico. He works on a wide range of projects including corporate, real estate, foreign investment, transportation, manufacturing and distribution matters, and the legal, tax and immigration issues present in U.S.-Mexico transactions. Mr. Barnett is a frequent speaker on cross-border legal topics who also teaches courses such as International Business Law and NAFTA Law. Robert has guided Greg and the Los Árboles Team through the Mexico land acquisition and entitlement process for each of the projects.

Mercado Tecnia

Mary Cruz Rosales

Mary Cruz handles all functions of the Mexico office including navigation of the governmental system, especially as they pertain to the project’s entitlements. She coordinates with regional businesses and government, and provides support to the U.S. office.