Living in Tulum

Living in Tulum

Deciding to relocate to Tulum is a big adjustment. You can read and research every possible detail of the move, but the best way to get a feel for the area is to learn from someone who lives there. Carolyn Bass is the Commercial Director for Los Arboles Coba. In this position, Carolyn organizes onsite tours, coordinates contracts and documentation with the Austin office, and customer service. She currently lives in Tulum, and she has some insightful information about the transition from living in the United States to living in Tulum.

Main Differences

What are the main differences between living in Tulum and the U.S or Canada? According to Carolyn,  the main difference in lifestyles is learning how to slow down. In the U.S and Canada, many cities are like a constant rat race to get work done as fast as you can.  However, Tulum has more of a laid back atmosphere. Carolyn explains, “Life is more simple, so one can really enjoy the peace and solitude, and explore the dozens of places from cenotes or sinkholes, ruins, lagoons, national biosphere reserve and more.”

The next biggest difference is convenience. In the U.S and Canada, we are able to go to the stores at all hours of the day and get what we need. This will be a change when you relocate to Tulum. Tulum does not have a superstore five minutes from your home. You can grab fresh fruits and veggies at the market during the day. For more exclusive foods and home goods, you can shop at the two local supermarkets. You can not go to a store at midnight to buy toilet paper, but you can still get everything you need right in the heart of Tulum.

What do you love about Tulum?

Los Arboles Coba gives you the ability to live in nature. Did you ever think you would be able to observe spider monkeys, birds, and native species right out your back door? This is a possibility at this vacation destination. At Los Arboles Coba, you never need to worry about noisy neighbors, but you are still are part of a tight knit community that you can engage and socialize with. There are so many sites and destinations to check out all within an hour drive, including the “Coba ruins to Chichen Izta, to Valladolid and Merida, in addition to more modern destinations like Playa del Carmen and Cancun.”

Why Should You Move to Los Arboles Coba?

Los Arboles Coba combines nature’s beauty in a gorgeous, environmentally conscious atmosphere. This community leaves zero footprint by using sustainable energy, solar energy rainwater capture and natural sewage treatment. This has all been accomplished without giving up the modern amenities. Finally, Los Arboles Coba is close to the quaint town of Tulum, but also some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Now that you have a first person account of the gorgeous life that awaits you in Tulum, you can look into building a new vacation or retirement property at Los Arboles Coba. The beauty of Tulum awaits!

Get Ready for Your Move to Mexico, pt. 3

Get Ready for Your Move to Mexico, pt. 3

It is the final countdown to your move to Mexico. You are now starting to say goodbye to friends and family, while finishing paperwork and packing. This is an exciting but busy time before the move. This blog will give you our final tips to prepare for your move to Los Arboles Coba. If you are still a few weeks out from moving, check out part 1 and two of our blogs (link to blogs), to see the complete checklist that you need to accomplish before moving to Los Arboles Coba.

One Month Out

First and perhaps the most important aspect is to make sure your passports and visa documents are in order and ready to be delivered before you leave.

Your Old Home
Begin to make final preparations for transferring ownership of your current home. If you are renting, give the landlord or renting agent notice of your last day at your current residence. If you are selling, you should be about to close or transferring this job to the realtor or another person to do it on your behalf. The final option, if you are renting out your home, is make sure your home is completely cleaned and ready for the new tenants, which may include hiring a professional cleaner.

Personal Items
One month out is the perfect time to start selling or donating anything you are not storing or bringing to Mexico. The items that you are moving need to be able to fit in the space available. If you are moving by yourself, make a plan ahead of time where each item will go in one vehicle. If you are hiring a moving service, call to confirm pick up dates and moving times before you move.

Start Saying Goodbyes
It is now the time to start saying goodbyes to your groups and contacts. First, contact any applicable organizations to let them know you are moving to another country. SInce this is a big transition, we recommend informing everyone from the post office to your utility companies. This also includes cancelling any automatic services or payments that you do not wish to continue once you are home in Mexico. For more detailed contact information, please see MexExperience.

The Last Week

Vacate Your Home
During your last week, you should make the final preparations of donating or throwing away the items you are not taking with you. You should also donate or throw away the leftover food, that way you can defrost your freezer. You should complete any last minute chores like laundry, dry cleaning, or work obligations before your move out day. If your furniture is already gone, make sure you book a hotel or make arrangements with family members you can stay with through your last day in America or Canada.

Get Ready for Moving Day
Create a checklist of everything that needs done on the move out day to ensure that all important tasks are completed If a moving company is coming, make sure they are finished loading their trucks before your professional cleaners come. We recommend taking a few extra days for the move out process so that you are not rushing at the last minute to vacate your property. Finally, make sure to take a few minutes to relax, you are finally heading to your vacation home in Tulum.

We hope you love your home at Los Arboles Coba. This home is more like a permanent vacation in paradise. If you have any questions once you get to Mexico, we would be happy to help you in the transition.  We look forward to seeing you, and we hope you have safe travels.

Get Ready For Your Move to Mexico, pt. 2

Get Ready For Your Move to Mexico, pt. 2

You have made the decision to move to Tulum. We are so excited to have you at Los Arboles Coba. However, making sure you have all of your paperwork in place is crucial before you make the trip to your new paradise. In part 2 of this blog series, we will look at what you should do two months before your move.  If you are a little further away from your move, you can read about what to do 3-6 months out in part 1 of our blog here.

Get Quotes From Moving Companies

Unless you plan to move to Tulum on a truck, we recommend getting quotes from moving companies two months before your move in date.  Since you have already decided what to bring with you, you can create a list of how much space you will need to haul your belongings. This list will help with the quote from the moving company. We recommend at least three quotes so you can pick the best one for your family.

It is important to remember that since you are traveling to a new country, your items will be shipped by road. This means it is crucial to make sure your moving company has a good track record and experience in moving across borders.  A few moving companies that you may want to research are United Van Lines, Atlas Van Lines and Mayflower Transit.

Storage and Importing Your Personal Items

If you are flying to Mexico, your items will likely arrive after you. However, make sure to have a backup strategy in case your items would arrive before you.  You do not want to pay a hefty storage fee for your items because they had no where to go. We suggest talking to your moving company about different solutions in case you would arrive after your items.

Importing your personal goods to Mexico is duty free as long as you acquired your Resident Visa and present a list of your personal items at the border or at customs in the airport. This list, often called a “Menaje de Casa,” has an inventory of all your goods and their values. Clothing, books, and other personal items are considered duty free. Electrical goods and home appliances are subject to a duty limit, and everything after that limit you will be required to pay a tax on.  This can be very confusing, so it is best to use a moving company who is well-educated on bureaucratic information and customs requirements for your move.

Schooling For Children

Do you have children coming with you to Mexico? You may need to independently research potential schools in Mexico for your children, if you will be there for the school year. We recommend drawing up a list and visiting those schools on before your move or upon your arrival.

Change of Address

This is the time to get organized and make a list of everyone that needs your new address. You should also arrange a holding or forwarding address in your home country in case your mail does not make it to the new address.

These steps will help ensure a smooth transition when you move to Tulum. This can be stressful, but if you just remember the gorgeous vacation home you have purchased, all of your worries will melt away. You will love living at Los Arboles Coba.

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Get Ready for Your Move to Mexico, pt. 1

Get Ready for Your Move to Mexico, pt. 1

Moving to Mexico can be a big adjustment. You need to figure out how to relocate your belongings, how to keep in contact with loved ones and what paperwork you will need for the big move. This can be stressful, but we promise you once you are in your beautiful vacation home you will forget all about the process.

We want to make the process of moving as easy as we can at Los Arboles Coba. We will be publishing three blogs with information you need about moving to Mexico. Each blog will be for a specific set of time before you move. This blog is about everything you need to prepare when you are about three months away from your dream home at Los Arboles.

3 Months Until the Move


Passports are essential for any travel outside of the United States. Every member of your family that is moving to your home needs to have an up to date passport. In addition to a passport,, each member of your family needs to apply for a visa to live and work in Mexico. This process can raise many questions, so be sure to contact your local Mexican Consulate about the forms and the fees required. If things become more complicated, an immigration lawyer can be helpful in navigating this process.

Driver’s License

Mexico does not require that you have an International Driver’s License. Take your home country’s license with you. Once you have moved in, you can change over your license to Mexico if you so choose. If deciding to change your license over in Mexico, make sure to talk to the proper authorities about which licenses you need in which city.


Pets can come with you to Mexico. However, you need to apply for permission with the local Mexican Consulate, and have all of their shots and paperwork up to date. This is important for each pet that you plan to bring with you.

Electrical Appliances

What electrical appliances are you taking to Mexico? This can be anything from a cell phone to a coffee maker. However, these appliances may not not have the same voltage as they do in Mexico. Low-voltage items such as laptops and cell phones should automatically adapt in Mexico. However, bigger voltage items like furniture or lamps could cause problems when moving and with the voltage difference. You may want to sell or store your old items and buy new ones in Mexico just to make sure the items will not give you problems when moving.

This checklist will make the process of moving to Los Arboles Coba easier. Your dream vacation home awaits, and we can not wait until you are enjoying the beauties of Tulum with us. If you want more information on immigration or travel, please visit MexExprerience.