Living in Tulum

Living in Tulum

Deciding to relocate to Tulum is a big adjustment. You can read and research every possible detail of the move, but the best way to get a feel for the area is to learn from someone who lives there. Carolyn Bass is the Commercial Director for Los Arboles Coba. In this position, Carolyn organizes onsite tours, coordinates contracts and documentation with the Austin office, and customer service. She currently lives in Tulum, and she has some insightful information about the transition from living in the United States to living in Tulum.

Main Differences

What are the main differences between living in Tulum and the U.S or Canada? According to Carolyn,  the main difference in lifestyles is learning how to slow down. In the U.S and Canada, many cities are like a constant rat race to get work done as fast as you can.  However, Tulum has more of a laid back atmosphere. Carolyn explains, “Life is more simple, so one can really enjoy the peace and solitude, and explore the dozens of places from cenotes or sinkholes, ruins, lagoons, national biosphere reserve and more.”

The next biggest difference is convenience. In the U.S and Canada, we are able to go to the stores at all hours of the day and get what we need. This will be a change when you relocate to Tulum. Tulum does not have a superstore five minutes from your home. You can grab fresh fruits and veggies at the market during the day. For more exclusive foods and home goods, you can shop at the two local supermarkets. You can not go to a store at midnight to buy toilet paper, but you can still get everything you need right in the heart of Tulum.

What do you love about Tulum?

Los Arboles Coba gives you the ability to live in nature. Did you ever think you would be able to observe spider monkeys, birds, and native species right out your back door? This is a possibility at this vacation destination. At Los Arboles Coba, you never need to worry about noisy neighbors, but you are still are part of a tight knit community that you can engage and socialize with. There are so many sites and destinations to check out all within an hour drive, including the “Coba ruins to Chichen Izta, to Valladolid and Merida, in addition to more modern destinations like Playa del Carmen and Cancun.”

Why Should You Move to Los Arboles Coba?

Los Arboles Coba combines nature’s beauty in a gorgeous, environmentally conscious atmosphere. This community leaves zero footprint by using sustainable energy, solar energy rainwater capture and natural sewage treatment. This has all been accomplished without giving up the modern amenities. Finally, Los Arboles Coba is close to the quaint town of Tulum, but also some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Now that you have a first person account of the gorgeous life that awaits you in Tulum, you can look into building a new vacation or retirement property at Los Arboles Coba. The beauty of Tulum awaits!