Our Vision

Tulum Living, Perfected

Los Arboles Coba is a an affordable and environmentally responsible 1,200 acre subdivision designed with three goals in mind:

  • to preserve and protect the pristine high-canopy jungle,
  • to satisfy the expectations of the residents,
  • to create an environment that promotes wellness of being.

Permeable roads, alternative energy, use of local and naturally harvested materials, green areas, and easy access to community amenities make Los Arboles Coba a dream home site for the eco-conscious.

As my team laid the foundation and vision for Los Arboles Group, the values that quickly rose to the surface were those concerning the environment and the ecosystem that has existed on this land since the beginning of time.

Our considerations of the native wildlife residing on our 1,200 acre tract were immediately at top priority for the company. So, as we drafted our Master Plan for the Los Arboles community, we had to consider the question, how can conscious human beings honor the rich ecosystem of the Yucatán while also enjoying a contemporary way of life comparable to their current lifestyle needs?

I am proud to say, anyone who lives in the Los Arboles Concept, anyone that has studied this project, and any organization that has recognized our project for its continued success understands that we accomplished the goal that we set out to. Our dream to have a zero impact real estate development is now a living reality!

Greg Schnurr, Los Arboles Group President