Why live in the jungle?

The jungle is an alive and exciting place where one can experience nature in an undisturbed setting. The diversity of plant and animal species we have seen on the property continues to amaze us. In addition, with an average lot size around  5 acres, one gains the privacy and seclusion not afforded by the beach.

How far from Los Arboles Tulum is the beach?

Los Arboles Tulum is exactly 17.1km or 9.6miles down the Coba highway from some of the best beaches in Mexico. From the front gate at Los Arboles Tulum to actual “toes-in-the-water” at the Tulum beaches is approximately 15 minutes driving time.

How far from Los Arboles Tulum is the nearest town?

Los Arboles Tulum is exactly 12.6km or 7.5 miles from the crossroads at Tulum Pueblo, down the Coba highway.

How far from Los Arboles Tulum is the international airport?

The Cancun International Airport is exactly 129.6km or 77.7 miles, which is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours driving time; depending on time of day on the main road (tour bus traffic can lead to the longer time).

I thought foreigners weren’t allowed to own property in Mexico, or that to do so, one has to sign a 99-year lease with a Mexican partner?

This is not the case. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Foreign Investment Law (FIL) in Mexico have significantly liberalized bans on foreign ownership of land in Mexico. Furthermore, definitive title to residential properties in the prohibited zone (50 km inland along the coast, 100 km along Mexico’s natural borders and all of Baja, California) can be held in a Mexican bank trust (fideicomiso) assigned to foreigners for 50 years and renewed upon expiration.

Can I get title insurance from a U.S. company for a real estate deal in Mexico?

Yes. Many of our clients have used title insurance to underwrite their purchase of land from us.

How does foreigner own land in Mexico?

Through a Fideicomiso or Mexican Corporation. (A detailed report on Foreign Ownership of Land in Mexico is available upon request.)

How does the process of issuing title to a buyer work in a condominium-type subdivision?

The issuance of title is the same as any other title of real property with the exception that it is subject to the covenants of the condominium homeowners association.

Can I finance my homesite purchase?

Yes, we do offer a financing program. Please contact us for details.

Can I subdivide my property?

No. In order to maintain the integrity and beauty of the subdivision no homesites may be futher subdivided.

Are there building restrictions?

Yes. Once again, to preserve this unique and precious environment, it is necessary to enforce some rules as they relate to buildings and construction. We believe these guidelines will be embraced and fully supported by all residents. A copy of the restrictions is available on request.

Life in the jungle, aren’t there a lot of mosquitoes?

Actually, since mosquitoes live and breed in standing water, they are more prevalent near the mangrove areas just inland from the beach. The absence of standing water on the property prevents mosquitoes from becoming a problem on the property.

If a buyer purchases more than 1 lot, is the contiguous area they can build on 5% of all lots combined, or is it restricted to the contiguous 5% of one lot?

The fusion of two lots is allowed, thus enlarging the 5% contiguous area.

Can there be more than one buyer for a lot, even if the buyers construct a single family residence to share and conform to the Guidelines & Restrictions?

Yes, but only single-family homes are permitted.

Can I fence my property?

You can fence your “Usable Area” – 5% of lot. As stated in the Guidelines for Construction, you cannot fence your meets and bounds.

As a buyer, how do I know my title at Los Arboles Tulum will be a good title in the eyes of the Mexican government?

The title to your lot will consist of a file documenting the entire history of the property through your contract of sale, including all prior transactions with ownership information. This information can be confirmed through the Secretary of Land Reform – Reforma Agraria.

What about electrical needs?

Each homeowner will provide their own off the grid alternative energy sources to meet their electrical needs. Los Arboles Tulum can provide information on these alternative energy systems.