Get Ready for Your Move to Mexico, pt. 3

Get Ready for Your Move to Mexico, pt. 3

It is the final countdown to your move to Mexico. You are now starting to say goodbye to friends and family, while finishing paperwork and packing. This is an exciting but busy time before the move. This blog will give you our final tips to prepare for your move to Los Arboles Coba. If you are still a few weeks out from moving, check out part 1 and two of our blogs (link to blogs), to see the complete checklist that you need to accomplish before moving to Los Arboles Coba.

One Month Out

First and perhaps the most important aspect is to make sure your passports and visa documents are in order and ready to be delivered before you leave.

Your Old Home
Begin to make final preparations for transferring ownership of your current home. If you are renting, give the landlord or renting agent notice of your last day at your current residence. If you are selling, you should be about to close or transferring this job to the realtor or another person to do it on your behalf. The final option, if you are renting out your home, is make sure your home is completely cleaned and ready for the new tenants, which may include hiring a professional cleaner.

Personal Items
One month out is the perfect time to start selling or donating anything you are not storing or bringing to Mexico. The items that you are moving need to be able to fit in the space available. If you are moving by yourself, make a plan ahead of time where each item will go in one vehicle. If you are hiring a moving service, call to confirm pick up dates and moving times before you move.

Start Saying Goodbyes
It is now the time to start saying goodbyes to your groups and contacts. First, contact any applicable organizations to let them know you are moving to another country. SInce this is a big transition, we recommend informing everyone from the post office to your utility companies. This also includes cancelling any automatic services or payments that you do not wish to continue once you are home in Mexico. For more detailed contact information, please see MexExperience.

The Last Week

Vacate Your Home
During your last week, you should make the final preparations of donating or throwing away the items you are not taking with you. You should also donate or throw away the leftover food, that way you can defrost your freezer. You should complete any last minute chores like laundry, dry cleaning, or work obligations before your move out day. If your furniture is already gone, make sure you book a hotel or make arrangements with family members you can stay with through your last day in America or Canada.

Get Ready for Moving Day
Create a checklist of everything that needs done on the move out day to ensure that all important tasks are completed If a moving company is coming, make sure they are finished loading their trucks before your professional cleaners come. We recommend taking a few extra days for the move out process so that you are not rushing at the last minute to vacate your property. Finally, make sure to take a few minutes to relax, you are finally heading to your vacation home in Tulum.

We hope you love your home at Los Arboles Coba. This home is more like a permanent vacation in paradise. If you have any questions once you get to Mexico, we would be happy to help you in the transition.  We look forward to seeing you, and we hope you have safe travels.

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