Get Ready for Your Move to Mexico, pt. 1

Get Ready for Your Move to Mexico, pt. 1

Moving to Mexico can be a big adjustment. You need to figure out how to relocate your belongings, how to keep in contact with loved ones and what paperwork you will need for the big move. This can be stressful, but we promise you once you are in your beautiful vacation home you will forget all about the process.

We want to make the process of moving as easy as we can at Los Arboles Coba. We will be publishing three blogs with information you need about moving to Mexico. Each blog will be for a specific set of time before you move. This blog is about everything you need to prepare when you are about three months away from your dream home at Los Arboles.

3 Months Until the Move


Passports are essential for any travel outside of the United States. Every member of your family that is moving to your home needs to have an up to date passport. In addition to a passport,, each member of your family needs to apply for a visa to live and work in Mexico. This process can raise many questions, so be sure to contact your local Mexican Consulate about the forms and the fees required. If things become more complicated, an immigration lawyer can be helpful in navigating this process.

Driver’s License

Mexico does not require that you have an International Driver’s License. Take your home country’s license with you. Once you have moved in, you can change over your license to Mexico if you so choose. If deciding to change your license over in Mexico, make sure to talk to the proper authorities about which licenses you need in which city.


Pets can come with you to Mexico. However, you need to apply for permission with the local Mexican Consulate, and have all of their shots and paperwork up to date. This is important for each pet that you plan to bring with you.

Electrical Appliances

What electrical appliances are you taking to Mexico? This can be anything from a cell phone to a coffee maker. However, these appliances may not not have the same voltage as they do in Mexico. Low-voltage items such as laptops and cell phones should automatically adapt in Mexico. However, bigger voltage items like furniture or lamps could cause problems when moving and with the voltage difference. You may want to sell or store your old items and buy new ones in Mexico just to make sure the items will not give you problems when moving.

This checklist will make the process of moving to Los Arboles Coba easier. Your dream vacation home awaits, and we can not wait until you are enjoying the beauties of Tulum with us. If you want more information on immigration or travel, please visit MexExprerience.

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