Building Guidelines

Building Guidelines

Once you have visited Los Arboles Coba and have decided to build your dream vacation or rental home with us, the next step is selecting the type of home that best fits the needs of you and your family. Los Arboles Coba offers a variety of building plans to choose from, eight altogether, ranging from traditional to modern architectures.

Because Los Arboles Coba is an eco-friendly, sustainable, LEED-certified community, it is important that all buildings on the premises adhere to our “green” building guidelines:

  • Single-Family Residential: All of our estates are single-family residential units – construction of apartments, condominiums, or any other residences other than single-family residences are prohibited.
  • Setbacks: Setbacks should be along exterior boundaries, with 40 meters in front and back and 20 meters on the sides.
  • Lot Preservation and Building Footprint: 95% of your estate must remain in its natural state; 5% may be cleared to a contiguous area. Privacy fencing may only be built in the 5% area.
  • Tree Preservation: Trees classified by the Official Mexican Norm NOM-059-ECOL-1994 that determines rare, endemic and endangered species or which are subject to special protection shall be preserved.
  • Waste Water and Constructed Wetlands: Only professionals may construct wetlands and plans must be approved by Los Arboles Coba prior to construction.
  • Roads: Any constructed roads must permit filtration of water underground.
  • Construction Materials: The use of natural building materials is highly encouraged. Roofing must permit the collection of rainwater.
  • Garbage: Garbage will be collected in containers approved by municipal authorities and may not accumulate outside the home.
  • Pets: Pets are to be in possession of their owner at all times and may not roam freely around the grounds.

The following is expressly forbidden:

  • Deposit of residual objects in places other than designated areas.
  • Burning or use agro-chemical products while disposing of trees and weeds inside the approved building area.
  • Spillage of fuel, fat, oils and hydrocarbons coming from any type of machinery.
  • Discharge of domestic soapy or residual waters in open areas.
  • To clear-cut any amount of jungle flora inside the lot’s 95% preserve requirement.
  • To introduce non-native flora. Landscaping must utilize only native, indigenous species.
  • To disturb, capture, hunt and market animals living within the community.

While this may seem like an overwhelming amount of restrictions, the end result is well worth it! Your home will be an eco-friendly oasis in the Yucatan jungle – your own piece of paradise!

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