Amenities at Los Arboles Coba

Amenities at Los Arboles Coba

Community Amenities at Los Arboles Coba

While deciding whether you would like to build your dream vacation home at Los Arboles Coba, one factor to take into consideration are our development’s amenities. You may be familiar with our eco-friendly lifestyle, as explained in our building guidelines blog (link to published post), but our environmentally-responsible philosophy extends well beyond the building process and into our entire lifestyle, while at the same time providing many modern-day conveniences and luxuries.

Central Park

Our Central Park is where many of Los Arboles Coba’s finest amenities lie. This 47-acre green space will be home to our sales office, where you will meet with Los Arboles Coba on-site professionals to discuss your home and begin your tour. The cafe and coffee shop is the perfect location where you and your family to start your day and plan the adventures that lie ahead. For modern-day conveniences, Central Park will house our laundry facility and local store.

For recreational gatherings, residents may assemble at the park’s community pool and volleyball court. There will also be a grand palapa on site for social occasions. Our Central Park is currently under construction (is this correct?) with a projected completion date of ____. All buildings in Central Park will be designed with and adhere to the LEED building  principles of our development (link to building guidelines page on website).


Gated Entrance: The Los Arboles Coba community welcomes residents with a sense of safety and comfort at its gated entrance. The gates are protected by security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Trails: Los Arboles Coba has 8.6 miles of natural trails throughout the property for residents to enjoy hikes and the natural flora and wildlife. We value the preservation of the natural jungle and its inhabitants, and look forward to having this space for years to come. Our property also features constructed wetlands areas.

Roads: The roads at Los Arboles Coba are not your traditional paved roads. Rather, our roads are constructed from natural, locally-harvested materials, and are designed for allow for natural water drainage.

Moving to Mexico can be a monumental adjustment, but by providing on-site amenities to our community members, we hope to ease that transition, and provide a sense of home and comfort to all of our guests.

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